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Aesthetic Procedures


What is Sclerotherapy? Can it be used as an alternative to surgery?

Sclerotherapy refers to the injection into dilated veins and spider blemishes of medication specifically formulated to cause their disappearance without doing any harm to normal healthy veins, the skin or other tissues. Only the finest and highest quality of needles are used and strict asepsis is observed. Sclerotherapy however, is not an alternative to surgery.

Foam sclerotherapy is an improved technique of sclerotherapy that involves injecting "foamed sclerosant drugs" into a blood vessel using a fine needle. The foam stays in the targeted veins for a longer duration of time.

Is treatment necessary?

Varicose veins and spider veins are always abnormal and will not disappear without treatment. Left unchecked, varicose veins can lead to unpleasant and even serious complications such as skin discoloration and sores, bleeding, ankle swelling and phlebitis. Spider veins are unsightly and may be associated with discomfort.

Is it possible to develop an allergic reaction to the sclerosant agent?

Yes, but it is an uncommon because the drug is generally localised and confined in the area of injection.

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