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Nasal Augmentation


Cosmetic Surgeries


Most Asians are born with low nose bridge. Our faces can be brought into balance by raising the bridge of our noses. Occasionally, some patients may also have enlarged nostrils which can be reduced at the same time to achieve facial harmony.

A few options are available for nasal augmentation. Besides insertion of implants, your own cartilage or non-permanent fillers can be injected to raise the bridge of the nose.

What does the surgery involves?

A silastic implant is used. This is customised to achieve correct contours. It is placed through a cut inside the nostril and there is no visible external scar.

Discussion during Consultation

Dr Fok will assess the condition of the nose. The patient’s needs and preferences will be discussed and various examples of before and after surgery photos will be shown. Options for nasal augmentation will be discuss accordingly.

What happens on the day of surgery?

Nasal augmentation is performed in our ambulatory surgery centre under local anaesthesia combined with twilight sedation. Surgery takes an hour and patient is sedated throughout the procedure.

What to expect during the recovery phase?

During the first twenty-four hours, the patient may feel puffy on the face; aches on the nose and a dull headache. These may be controlled with the medication prescribed by Dr Fok.

Slight swelling and bruising around your eyes will be present for the first 2-3 days. 80% of the swelling and bruising will disappear in one week.

Most patients are up and about within two days, they can resume to their normal activities and back to work a week following surgery.

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